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Rebates, Loans & Other Incentives

H-D Electric along with our power supplier, East River Electric Power Cooperative, team up to provide a number of rebate and loan programs for our members.

Heat Rebate

$600 rebate on Geothermal and air to air heat pumps - rebate no more frequent that once every 10 years.  Heat pumps must be at least a 2 ton heat pump and have a minimum of a 8.5 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). To receive rebate send in a copy of the AHRI sheet received from installer.  If you do not have an AHRI sheet H-D will help locate one.  Rebates must be submitted prior to one year after installation to be eligible.


Irrigation Automatic Restart Rebate

To encourage the installation of auto restart equipment on irrigation systems, we will provide a rebate 50% of the cost (up to $1000) for the installation of controls and equipment necessary for the system to start automatically after coming out of load control.  Call the office for details.


Energy Audit Incentives (Residential)

H-D offers Energy Audits, click here for more information.


  • Member Energy Audit Incentives
    • H-D Electric will provide payments of 10% of the cost of energy improvements (up to $500) made to homes that have had an energy audit completed.
    • The improvements must be identified in the Energy Audit and the incentive will be based on the installed costs of the improvements totaling between $500 and $5000 (incentive $50-$500).
    • Only one Energy Audit incentive payment will be made per structure.
    • 5% interest rate loans for weatherization and/or energy efficiency improvements recommended in the Energy Audit are available through H-D Electric.



Heat Loans

5% interest heat equipment loans for geothermal and air to air heat pump systems may be available up to $10,000 and up to seven years.  Installation must be complete, a copy of the bill is required and an application must be filled out.  Call office for details prior to installing system.


ERC Loans

Interest is 5% up to $2000 for three years.  An application must be filled out and a copy of the bill showing what will be done.  Call H-D Electric for details.


Crop Dry Loan

Low temperature or natural air crop drying installations qualify for the 5% Marketing loan program. (No cash rebates are available for crop drying installations.)  Installations should have full floors, adequate roof ventilation, and fans capable of delivering at least one cfm of air per bushel of grain.  Loan dollars may be used to cover the costs of the floors, ventilation, fans, transitions, electrical, and labor.  Call H-D Electric for details.





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