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REC (Renewable Energy Credit) Program

H-D Electric offers an opportunity to purchases Renewable Energy Credits (REC) to certify green energy is used.

For each 1000 kWh’s of energy that a renewable source such as a wind turbine or a solar panel produces, one REC or sometimes called a Green Tag is produced.  The REC is how the use of renewable energy is tracked as a commodity in the marketplace.  In order to declare that energy is renewable energy, the user must retire a REC for the energy used.  Each year, Basin Electric generates a number of REC’s from their wind projects in North and South Dakota.  After retiring the REC’s to meet state mandates, the leftover REC’s are allocated to Basin’s local electric cooperatives such as H-D Electric.  In the past, we have put these REC’s back up for sale on the marketplace and entities interested in using green energy purchase these REC’s.

Instead of selling all of the H-D Electric allocated REC’s to some entity in somewhere U.S.A., we thought we would give local members the first opportunity to purchase them.  This program is targeted to individuals that desire green energy and want a certifiable way to know they are consuming renewable energy.  Another use may come from a farm or business that would be able to sell their product for a premium if certifiably produced by a renewable energy source.  This program is designed to fulfill these requirements for renewable energy without having to build their own system.  With this program, we are trying to provide a service for those that have a strong desire for using renewable energy.

Please check out the REC program brochure or call the office for additional details.

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